Nourished Soul Sanctum

Wellness Retreats

Nourished Soul Sanctum is the collaboration of Megan Jones and Sarah Wilton. They were drawn together when Sarah's family moved across the road from Megan's in a small village on the mid north coast of NSW in May, 2014, thats when they new the stars had aligned.

Megan and Sarah's love of good food and yoga, mixed with a rich sense of humour is how their friendship began. They soon discovered that they also shared similar core beliefs about health and healing. For 9 years, they have combined their wisdom and skills through yoga, spirituality, health and whole foods at retreats, intensives and workshops.

As Nourished Soul Sanctum continues to unfold, the retreats and events on offer promise to be extraordinary. Check out NOURISHED SOUL RITUALS 2024 and RETREATS pages to find the perfect retreat, workshop or gathering for you and begin your journey home to health and healing, through yoga and whole foods. 

Megan - the Yogi

Megan Jones

Yoga and Lifestyle Coach

Megan is a lover of family and friends and nature, an avid traveller and trekker.

She feels truely lucky to have found yoga as a young Mum with a toddler, seeking a way to relax and renew. After 2 yrs of practicing and much encouragement from her mentor, teacher and friend, Maaida Palmer, she received her first teaching qualification in 1990 whilst pregnant with her second child. Many more trainings followed (IYTA Dip, TYF Dip, Post Grad training with IYTA in Pranayama and Advanced Anatomy) resulting in over 11k hrs on the mat and  registration as a senior teacher with Yoga Australia.

Megan has taught regular classes, workshops, teaching mentorships and now her own 350hr teacher training in Pacific Palms and Forster. Megan is a massage therapist, aromatherapist, master reiki practitioner, birth educator and doula and she might also be a course junkie, just saying! She has dipped her heart and toes into Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), spiritual counselling, B-School, Spirit Junkie Masterclass and Copy Cure. 

Completing 5yrs of Naturopathy study, Megan now focuses on healthy lifestyle education and empowering all who find their way to her side. Megan is a qualified Psych-K®️ Practitioner, using simple and effective techniques as a way of creating the life you want.

Megan has a plan to save 'Gaia'; Mother Earth, through teaching us, the keepers of the earth, how to be healthy, peaceful warriors.

Retreats are Megans favourite way to share her wisdom and knowledge, teaching different levels of yoga, meditation, relaxation and chanting. 

When practising with Megan, there is no such thing as "I can't", there is a big resounding "we'll find a way."

Sarah - the Chef

Sarah Wilton

Whole Food Chef

Sarah has always had a love of cooking and is truely a gifted chef. After completing her training in 2003 at the iconic 'Bathers Pavilion' at Balmoral Beach in Sydney, Australia, Sarah travelled to China and south east Asia to teach English and learn more about the art of cooking with asian food and herbs. Sarah spent time in Australia and then once again headed overseas, this time to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as executive sous chef for 12 months in a 5 star hotel. Travelling and living abroad was life changing.

Moving back to the Snowy Mountains, Sarah held the impressive position of head chef at the Crackenback Cottage restaurant, leaving there to teach commercial cookery at TAFE. After her daughter Maya was born, her young family made the decision to make a sea change and moved to the Mid North Coast of NSW. 

Sarah's interest in healing through food and lifestyle has been the driving force of her cooking style. Sarah has an interest in organic sustainable food, juicing, fasting, ancient cultures and wisdom and healing the gut with fermented foods. . She is currently studying Whole Food Medicine with Don Tolman via UniverCity.

Sarah delights in creating the retreat menu's specific to the theme of each retreat and who is attending. 

The retreat menu's are vegetarian, organic (where possible), gluten and dairy free. More often than not they are vegan with a high percentage of raw food. All food allergies and intolerances are catered for and Sarah is a wiz at creating something special for everyone. 

Let Sarah reignite your joy in the culinary arts, her effortless style inspires all who sit at her table.