Baby Moon Retreat - Sea Eagle Point

September 19th - 22nd at the stunning Sea Eagle Point - Baby Moon, Pregnancy Retreat.

A weekend dedicated to this very special and sacred time of life. You will only have this pregnancy once, which is so unique.  A memorable weekend to get away and spend some much needed time together in paradise with your birth partner. It might be your husband, your wife, your mum, sister or doula. Included is gentle yoga, meditation, relaxation, massage and 'Om Birth' training, which includes pregnancy advice, birth coaching, postpartum prep and early parenting. This is a fabulous way to connect with nature, yourselves, your baby and set some empowering intentions. You will be treated to 3 stunning meals a day with healthy snacks, juices and herbal teas. 

  • 8 couple/partners only. 
  • Queen Room with Ensuite $3400 per couple/partners;
  • Queen Room Shared Bathroom $3300 per couple/partners;
  • Single rooms available $1700 per person.
  • Deposit needed at time of booking to secure your space.
  • Due to venue cancellation rules, full payment is required by July 18th, 2019.

Thank you, Mjx


  • Available