Local Events

Soul Circles - Now Online ~ until we can gather again in person.

Let's celebrate the life cycles we experience by staying in touch with each other and the moon. All celebrations are on Sundays, and while online, from 3-4:30pm, once we can gather again the time will be extended.

Each of the celebrations includes a circle ritual, questions to prompt exploration and growth, meditation, intention setting, listening and talking. It's a time to feel supported and held with compassion for self and others. 

Dates:- February 23rd; Dark Moon ✅

              Easter Sunday, April 12th; Waning Gibbous / CANCELLED

              May 31st; Waxing Gibbous

              July 26th; Waxing Crescent

              September TBA

              October 11th; Waning Crescent

              November 29th; Full Moon

              NYE December 31st; Celebration - Setting Intentions, Kirtan, Snack and Chai

We plan to start at 3pm so please be there with plenty of time, thanks


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